3rd International LNG summit

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Our new partner, Port of Skagen, will be attending this summit, in Hamburg, Germany on the 25th-26th of April 2018.

The Port of Skagen has officially become lead partner of the LNG Pilot in DUAL Ports, and will represent DUAL Ports at this annual International LNG Summit.

The 3rd Annual International LNG Summit provides an excellent opportunity to engage in discussions about the outlook of the LNG market, its future regarding the growth of LNG demand in Europe and the Mediterranean as well as the emerging markets and the influence of governments on the LNG sector.

This conference will gather global LNG executives and professionals who add value to every process of LNG operations to collaborate and provide the most beneficial solutions to pressing industry challenges. The 3rd Annual International LNG Summit will also provide you with the prime opportunity to develop new contacts and relationships from across the spectrum of the LNG business.

You can read more about the conference at their website.