SAIL - creating
a wind cargo platform

Analyze the socio economic
impact of the centralization
of shipping and the impor-
tance of small ports to local
economies. Read more.

LNG - Liquefied natural gas as
a multifunctional
part of REPs

Multifunctional LNG installa-
tion for companies/logistics
and local community.
Read more.

SOIL - cleaning and
renewed use of soil in
port and area develop-

Enviromental assessment,
investment, technology and
management. Read more.

LED - lighting in
port areas

Install, manage and monitor
a new intelligent and inno-
vative lightingsystem on
the new developed harbour
area. Read more.

HYDROGEN use in ports
and connected areas

To design a hydrogen re-
fuelling system suitable for
refuelling a hydrogen ferry.
Read more.

Harbour Plan

Making the three ports of
Zwolle, Meppel and Kampen
more carbon neutral.
Read more.

GREEN OFFICER - implementing
sustainability management

Implementing and coordinating
sustainable management of ports. Read more.

DOCKLAND - lead by
Port of Oostende

Development of a new green
port strategy by the introduc-
tion of industrial co-siting.
Read more.