12. April 2021

Another Plus for the Port Development in Niedersachsen

With their second Sustainability Report, the port company Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts) is presenting the social, environmental, and future-oriented developments in the ports.

Press release: Oldenburg | April 7, 2021

NPorts would like to invite you to a virtual and digital harbor tour. At various stations within the port, employees and customers are introducing sustainable projects. How do you manage to keep the ports navigable with the help of natural resources? What is being done to remove plastic from our ports? What is NPorts doing to make the arrival registration for ships more digital? These and other exciting questions are answered on our stroll through the port. The Sustainability Report will also give you an insight into the focuses of the sustainable activities, and on how the ports have developed in terms of goal parameters and objectives. And it is evident that: Sustainable, innovative projects do go hand-in-hand with a healthy business development.

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Charting the Course Towards Climate Neutrality (Carbon Neutrality) 

During the past years, NPorts has implemented a variety of measures in an effort to contribute to global climate protection. “Not only were we able to reduce our energy consumption dramatically, but also our CO2 emissions. We have already surpassed the halfway point towards our goal to reduce the climate gases by another 25% by 2025, and we are on the right track towards climate neutrality” explains Holger Banik, Managing Director of Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG and of JadeWeserPort Realisierungs GmbH & Co. KG. We owe this positive development for instance to the gradual conversion of the lighting to energy-efficient LED technology, the streamlining and updating of heating facilities under environmental aspects, and to the conversion of our fleet of vehicles to alternative fuels. Even the composition of the electricity providers has an impact on the positive climate footprint. NPorts sources almost exclusively eco- friendly electricity and even produces some of it themselves, with the help of photovoltaic systems.

Innovative Projects in Every Port

NPorts works on many digital innovations and eco-friendly projects for future scenarios in a site and country transcending manner. In Brake, we are applying the smart software solution “dashPORT” that streamlines, visualizes, and analyzes energy consumption at the port. When detecting high consumption values, the system derives commensurate measures to reduce them. The project “SmartKai” (SmartQuay) in Cuxhaven comprises the development of a digital mooring assistance system for pilots and captains for the avoidance of averages. In this concept, sensors installed on the quay walls transfer data, thus supporting the ships’ navigators in their port maneuvers.

The project “DUALPorts” features probes to find and gently remove and clean up contaminated sediments. A commensurate pilot trial, where contaminated sediments are targeted and aerated, is planned for this year.

The test phase for a lighting control system at the Norden branch that ensures that the ports are illuminated in a demand-driven way was a success. In addition, a second photovoltaic system was commissioned in Norddeich.

In Wilhelmshaven, we have now three of the so-called “Seabins” in service that skim debris and oil residues from the water. By 2025, 25 of these ‘garbage cans of the seas’ are slated to be installed in the ports owned by NPorts.

Sustainability: Strategically Envisioned and Systematically Implemented

NPorts’ Sustainability Strategy hafen+ should be understood as an added value strategy for people, environment, and for the economic performance. Sustainability starts already with the (potential) employees. NPorts is invested in the reconcilability of job and family, and since 2018, we have been certified as a family-friendly employer. In order to strengthen NPorts’ employer brand, we created a comprehensive Career Portal and a corporate blog (Hafenpost) last year. Nowadays, environmental, social, and business topics are firmly anchored in all areas of the ports. This can also be seen in the successful re-certification for the environmental management system PERS (Port Environmental Review System) and for the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 during the reporting period.

In collaboration with the work group Niedersächsische Seehäfen (Niedersachsen Seaports), NPorts develops outlook papers for the ports on a regular basis to ensure the economic performance for the future.

The publication of the report enabled NPorts to develop a Sustainability Portal.

Under https://www.nports.de/nachhaltigkeit/hafen/ you can find the Harbor Tour and additional information about NPorts’ Sustainability Management in digital form. There, you will also find the current report.

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Niedersachsen Ports is owner and operator of five seaports, seven island supply ports, plus three regional ports along the Ge rman North Sea shore. The registered office of the company is in Oldenburg. Through the branch offices in Brake, Cuxhaven (with satellite location Stade), Emden and Wilhelmshaven, Niedersachsen Ports is managing the port infrastructure in the large seaports of the State o f Niedersachsen. In addition, the Norden branch operates the supply ports for the East Frisian Islands. This way, Niedersachsen Ports is able to offer a multitude of port locations from one single source.