6. May 2022

The Floating Solar pilot featured in the Business Focus Magazine

Bright times for HelioRec, GreenPipe and the Port of Oostende!

The floating solar pilot implemented in the DUAL Ports project and its key characteristics were presented in the Business Focus Magazine. The floating panels are wind and wave-resistant. The patented “hydrolock” feature provides extra stability without the need to include more ballast, thus cutting costs for materials such as metal or concrete.

The power plants also use machine learning to predict energy generation for more efficiency and O&M optimisation. On top of this, the floating system is formed from recycled plastic, furthering its sustainability credentials. considering further expansion.

“We are looking to install more projects, around 10-50 kilowatts in size. We are also looking for more investors. In addition to this, we are looking at entering the US market”, said Polina Vasilenko, HelioRec´s CEO and founder.

See the full article here. 

HelioRec won the Ocean Tribute Award provided by The Prince Albert II Foundation, Monaco and others

After testing its solar floating plat at the Port of Oostende together with GreenPipe within the scope of the DUAL Ports project, HelioRec was awarded the Ocean Tribute Award 2022 provided by THE PRINCE ALBERT II OF MONACO FOUNDATION (GB)German Ocean Foundation and Messe boot Düsseldorf.

“And the winner is: HelioRec,” Petros Michelidakis announces in the award ceremony film.

Ocean Tribute Award

And his fellow competitor Frank Schweikert explains why both the jury and the public voted for HelioRec from Nantes:

“The French company scores with its environmentally friendly electric charging stations (ECS) for the maritime sector based on floating solar power plants. Unused water is converted into a clean energy source through a floating offshore solar cell system. The main objectives of the project are to save land area in a port area, generate a clean energy source, establish fast charging stations for electric vehicles and electric boats in the port, and realize new digital services for data prediction and optimization. Other concepts of the project are fast charging stations for electric vehicles and electric boats in the port. Another goal is the circular economy approach: recycled plastic is used to manufacture floating systems, reducing system costs and carbon footprint.”

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