After many years of lobbying it has now been decided that the locks of Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands will be widened. The widening of the locks will have a major impact on the feedering of cargo from and to the major ports and on the development of the port of Zwolle.

This great news will have a positive impact for DUAL Ports partner Port of Zwolle.

The locks at Afsluitdijk will be widened from 11 to 25 meters and this will make it possible for larger ships to come into the inland ports of the region, including the Port of Zwolle. The decision to widen the locks will also create a lot of new investments, mainly from local companies and ship builders in the area, investing in new and larger machinery and staff.

With calculations, permits and construction, this decision will have a long-term impact, and results will not be seen in the first couple of years. However, it is an important step towards greater development in the Dutch region. The widening of the locks can make the ports of Zwolle and Kampen an attractive logistical spot for transport of bulk goods, containers and packages, which will create growth.

You can read the entire article (in Dutch) right here.