11. October 2017

DUAL Ports meet MariGreen

During the next Partnership Meeting held in Germany, the DUAL Ports partners will participate in a workshop, sharing and discussing knowledge with another Interreg project, MariGreen

The MariGreen project, like DUAL Ports, is focused on developing innovations for sustainable and low-carbon shipping that will ultimately reduce the ecological footprint of the shipping industry. MariGreen is a collaborative project between Germany and the Netherlands. In the period 2015 – 2018, the MariGREEN Project will unite initiatives from both countries under the banner of ‘Green Shipping’.

The technical objectives of MariGreen will focus on LNG and wind-powered drive systems as well as green logistics alternatives – all with a focus on resource efficiency and safety in coastal and maritime transport.

On October 24, DUAL Ports and MariGreen will come together in a joint workshop in Leer, Germany. The workshop will include an introduction of both projects, presentations of the three common pilots; SAIL, HYDROGEN and LNG, as well as discussions on development, progress and results.

You can read more about MariGreen here.