15. November 2017

DUAL Ports partners took part in Ambition 1.5 degrees

On the 13th of November participants from 29 different countries and 150 delegates met at the Ambition 1.5oC: Global Shipping’s Action Plan summit in Bonn.

The summit was organised by many different institutions, including the International Windship Association. The Ambition 1.5oC: Global Shipping’s Action Plan summit gathered experts from across the shipping industry to create the Action Plan required for shipping to meet the high ambition level indicated in the Paris Agreement. ​

“Be courageous about your thinking, rise to the challenge of solving this problem, be bold and try to change the world just a little bit”, said the key note speaker Dr. Jennifer Baxter when opening the summit.

Climate change and future regulations on carbon emissions provide a need to be looking at alternative fuels and different options in propulsion, in order to meet the demands of the future, and protect the environment.

Gavin Allwright, secretary of The International Windship Association took part in the summit, and participated in panel discussions.

“I am incredibly optimistic in the development of alternative fuels going forward. Wind is a significant way to reduce the amount of bunkering fuel that we need to,” he says.

You can see Gavin Allwright, IWSA, present the purpose of the summit in this video below.


All summit videos are available here.