17. December 2019

Knowledge sharing: WAVE/HYDROGEN/HEAT Workshop


Renewable, circular energy was the topic at the workshop hosted by Port of Hvide Sande and Hvide Sande District Heating.

We have collected presentations from the speakers of the workshop WAVE/HYDROGEN/HEAT workshop, so you have the opportunity to refresh your memory or obtain the knowledge and experiences from the many presentations.

You can also read the conclusions of the workshop by Wim Stubbe, lead partner of the Interreg-project DUAL Ports here.


Welcome to Hvide Sande and the Port of Hvide Sande,
By Mr. Steen Davidsen, CEO, Port of Hvide Sande, DK

Information about North Sea Region Program and what we can expect in next period,
By Mr. Christian Byrith, CEO, Interreg North Sea Region Secretariat Viborg, DK

DUAL Ports HEAT Pilot – Wave, Solar, Wind, Heat and Hydrogen – making Hvide Sande to a zero-emission city – How we will utilize our position at the coast!
By Mr. Martin Halkjær, Director, Hvide Sande Heat System, Denmark

Windfarms at the west coast of Jutland – Case of wind energy development in the North Sea
By Mr. Arne Rahbek, Director for Communication, Vattenfall, Denmark

DUAL Ports WAVE Pilot – Technology and potential
Case of wave energy development in the North Sea
By Mrs. Irina Temiz, PhD Senior lecturer, Renewable Electricity Production, Division of Electricity, Uppsala University, Sweden

The Wave sector in Northern Europe – Outlook, practical experiences and news.
By Mr. Jens Peter Kofoed, Head of Division, Associated Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Aalborg, Denmark

Wave technology and possibilities – dual or multi tech solutions.
By Mrs. Marcelle Askew, VP Projects, Seabased ab, Sweden

Hydrogen technology and green technology. How do we combine different sources of energy?
By Mrs. Kristina Fløche Juelsgaard, Business Development Director, Ballard Power, Denmark

Hydrogen introduction in Port of Hvide Sande – How we plan to implement hydrogen to ships.
By Mr. Carl Erik Kristensen; CEO, Hvide Sande Ship Yard

DUAL Ports HYDROGEN Pilot experiences. The Orkney island case – how we use green surplus energy and how we are training in the field of Hydrogen.
By Mr. David Hibbert, Technical Superintendent, Development & Infrastructure – Marine Services, Scapa – Orkney, Scotland.

Port and City – How to combine different energy forms in port areas. Renewable Energy Cluster – Norway, The Trondheim Case
By Mr. Ole Svendgård, Fornybarklyngen – Cluster leader, Norway

How we run the Blue-Green development in our part of the world – The GRO case
By Mr. Lars Korsgaard Jørgensen and Mrs. Susanne Trip Nielsen, Ringkøbing-Skjern Erhvervsråd, Denmark

How to create a better environment in Ringkøbing Fjord – The Biomass production Case
By Mr. Kim Iversen, Biologist at Denmarks Center for Wild Salmon, Denmark