20. February 2018

The Port of Skagen has entered as partner in DUAL Ports

The Partners of DUAL Ports are happy to announce, that the Port of Skagen has been accepted as a new partner in the project. The Port of Skagen will become the lead partner of the LNG pilot, exploring the possibility to install a bunkering system for LNG at the port.

“Port of Skagen is excited to become part of the DUAL Ports Program. We look forward to investigate how we can contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, and to analyse on future possibilities for developing LNG options in the port, says CEO Willy B. Hansen”

The Port of Skagen is a sea port in the northern part of Denmark, and is the largest landing port in Europe for pelagic fish. Fishery has for many generations been one of the biggest industries in the area. The Port also has a strong maritime network, that performs service and construction for maritime vessels, both at the port and offshore. The position at the top of Denmark also makes Port of Skagen an ideal location for cruise ships.

The Port of Skagen has ambitious plans for growth in the future, and for the past ten years, the port has expanded the port and quay areas in three phases – the latest still ongoing. With the expansion of phase three, plans are explored to install an LNG bunkering system at the new quay area.

You can read more about the LNG Pilot in our coming newsletters.