Workshop on sustainability management – Vordingborg, Denmark

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In this whole-day-workshop Dr. Matthäus Wuczkowski will give an insight into all the activities carried out in the two pilots of Niedersachsen Ports, i.e. the Green Port Officer and the LED pilot, and supply you with relevant best-practice examples as well as documents. The input will be followed by a discussion on what could be transferred to other ports.

The workshop will be held at the Port of Vordingborg, Denmark.

The Port of Vordingborg is project partner in the LED Pilot and is also looking into the implementation of intelligent lighting and sustainability management. Click to read more about the Green Port officer and learn more about the LED pilot here.

If you would like to participate in this workshop, please contact:

Dr. Matthäus Wuczkowski

Sustainability Manager, Niedersachsen Ports, Germany

+49 441 – 35020-613