European Environmental Ports Conference 2019

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Addressing contemporary Challenges of the Ports Industry to Provide and Environmentally Safer Future

DUAL Ports Lead Partner Wim Stubbe will attend the European Environmental Ports Conference 2019, in Belgium on June 12-13. Mr. Stubbe will be presenting the DUAL Ports project: Conclusions and Observations for the future.

About the Conference: 

Through extensive research and consultation with leading figures of the ports industry, this two-day event will tackle the most pressing concerns for the maritime industry.

Key Topics:

  • The ten biggest concerns of the Ports Industry
  • Anticipating changes to environmental legislation
  • Research & Development for improving air quality around ports
  • Potential impact of the 2019 European Elections towards the industry
  • Outlining the importance of the Water Framework Directive
  • Port-City Interaction and collaboration for a sustainable economy
  • Ship-owners and their role towards an environmentally green future
  • Innovative approaches to long-term fuel possibilities

You can read more about the conference and registration here.